Sunday, June 1, 2014

50K Training

Just under 3 weeks to the Bad Marsh 50K, so it's time for an update on my training experiences. I've never done a 50K, so I've looked to some of my running mancrushes such as Anton Krupicka and Dakota Jones for guidance. I use the term guidance loosely because I can't put in 100+ mile weeks or anything close to it, but I try to glean principles from their training schemes. Here's what I've been doing:

  • Lunges, one-legged squats, two-legged squats
  • I switched to a standing desk at work and exclusively use the stairs in our 8-story hospital, two steps at a time up and down
  • Cross training on stationary bike and rowing machine
  • Focus on weekend long runs
  • Intervals
  • Weekly "Feel" runs with no specific goal for speed or distance
Things were going really well until a few weeks ago when I got to the 18 and 20 mile long runs. My legs had enough of the increasingly tough weeks and let me know, so I've started to taper down prematurely to salvage what I can. I'm maintaining cardio fitness by spending more time on the stationary bike and rowing machine at the gym. Last night I tried out a 4.5 mile run and felt improved and assured that I haven't ruined my chances of doing well on race day.

It's a fuzzy line between progression and injury. Running hard always "injures" you to some degree I suppose. Its more of a continuum than a specific point. Injury/soreness that doesn't result in improved fitness or race performance is what I'm trying to avoid. And thus I've backed off as I feel myself going down the "too sore" road. Running wasn't fun for a couple weeks there, a bad omen worth paying attention to.

Aside from dancing with injury, I am in great shape. Specifically cardio-wise and leg strength. Curious about what I could do in a timed mile on an official track, I busted out a 5:37 mile with about 80% effort and no specific preparation. So I think the fitness is there to take on this 50K. I've worked on speed, distance, endurance, eating, pooping, the works. It will come down to running smart and taking care of my body for the next 3 weeks.