Wednesday, December 1, 2010

San Dimas Turkey Trot 2010 5K Race Report

Final Time: 23:46

Really didn't think I'd be staring at that time going into this thing. Turns out the course was about 87% more hilly than anywhere in South Georgia. As it turns out, I had a blast. It was great to run with family and get out for a date. My goal of sub-20 minutes seems to be slipping away with my age, but I'll keep attempting it. A couple of lessons learned:

I need to figure out how to eat before a race. I had some energy chews 30 minutes before start time and was literally crippled with a side ache for about 1/3 of the race.

Train on hills.

Live where hills exist.

Don't over-taper. Excessive holiday eating and stagnant-body atrophy don't amount to stellar racing conditions. My calves still hurt. Bad.

Run with family/friends-makes for motivation and enjoyment.

Here's the web page for the race