Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-race pontifications

I figured I'd put down some brain chunks before I am biased by the results of the race on Saturday. Here is my philosophy going in:

-My shin splints were coming back, so I switched to mostly off road, then I cut back on miles and switched footwear. As much as I hate wearing more shoe, I felt like I needed to join the dark side to prevent further injury. This sentiment was articulated well in a recent post on RunBlogger. However, this race will be in FiveFingers.

-Start the race slow, work up and listen to mi cuerpo. As I work up, I won't let off the gas.

-Have some diabetes food and sips of water leading up to the race, a light breakfast.

-Take it supremely easy the week of the race. This is hard. There is a good place to run nearby.

That's it. We'll see how the competition effects me. I feel ready and it should be a fun run with family.

Friday, November 19, 2010

11/1-11/20 Georgia, Arizona, California

18.4 miles

I finished up my rural rotation and enjoyed my final runs out in the cotton fields. Now in California at a Long-Term Care Pharmacy learning about ol' folks. On the way here I did a run in the thriving metropolis of Yucca, AZ. The air was dry and it was cool and windy. My lips got chapped and I'm probably positive for coccidiomycosis now. The hills were a great reminder of how much I love running/living in the West. Now in Mira Loma, CA, where the air quality is hit-or-miss depending on the weather, but found a great mini-mountain range with miles of trails to enjoy. Next week is the race and I've tapered down significantly, to the point where I feel ready to book it next Saturday.