Saturday, December 21, 2013

Still progressing

8 miles today at 7:30 pace, negative splits. Still trudging on toward a sub 1:40 half marathon Feb 1st. Stomach was about 80% with a gel 2 miles in and minimal sips of Gatorade from handheld bottle. Started out a little sluggish and things picked up late, a good sign in my mind. Warm day. Don't know what to expect come race day with bipolar weather all winter.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I stretched out the length of my intervals tonight. Before I'd been doing basically very short sprints down the block. This frightened neighbors to see a ghost-pale walking stick sprinting down the street after dark. Around these parts you either run because you stole something or because you are trying to escape a pack of pitbulls. (I've done one of those on numerous occasions.) So tonight I dropped the pace down to 6 minute/mile pace, albeit not actually running a full mile. I pulled off a whopping two 1/3 mile intervals at this pace before I reached the brink of death. While this was not a particularly fun exercise, I did enjoy exploring a limit. Now I can use this information to hopefully come up with a more manageable interval scheme.