Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall 5K Change of Plans

Originally I had planned to run the Santa Monica Gobble Wobble 5K the Saturday after Thanksgiving, as did family members. This plan is no more. We will run the same day, same time, different spot. The San Dimas Turkey Trot 5K is now the race. This worked out because of location and cost, it also looks like it will be a prettier run and the website claims there is actually some dirt. Still shooting for under 20 minutes on this one and I've got to figure out how to shave a few minutes off my current times to accomplish that goal.

New Balance Minimus/Merrell/Vibram Hearsay & Conjecture

I'm looking forward to the upcoming release of these shoes

As I've mentioned, the FiveFingers Sprints aren't doing it for me. I like them, but I know very well after several hundred miles in them what I don't like about them. Would like to try some Bikilas some day, which are apparently a significant improvement on the other models.

However, my next shoe purchase will most likely be of the non-toe segregationist type. Merrell should be releasing their line around the same time as the New Balance Minimus line (spring 2011) and the choice will probably be between those two and the New Balance MT101

Monday, August 30, 2010

8/16-8/28 Two weeks off

Considering the development of what felt like impending shin splints and finals looming over my head, I took a break to focus on finishing my coursework strong and letting my legs heal after pounding around so much. I'm completely done with tests, classes, etc. and will be starting rotations soon. This should mean a more predictable and open schedule for leisure activities. But most likely it won't and I'll still be busy and have to make time to run.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/9-8/14 Don't run with habaneros in your pie hole

8.7 Miles

Monday-5.5 miles @ under 9 minute mile pace. Went on this run without much of a plan, just wanted some miles. Got to the lake and took the shoes of for a bit. Found some extra gas in the tank on the way back and had some fast streaks. This was a boost to the morale as I've been pretty tired at the end of recent runs.

Thursday-Shin is skraight buggin' Had a good quick start to this run, developing a fast, sustainable pace. Then the habaneros I had for dinner reminded me not to only eat them on rest days. I'm going to take a mini run vacation to let this shin chiz-nill out so I don't ruin my running for the next few months.

Fearing shin splints and fearing the GPA reaper, I cut it short this week and won't pick up until late next week.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

8/2-8/7 Stop wishing and start doing: My advice to humandom

13.3 Miles

Monday-calves still tight, breaktime

Tuesday-7+ miles. This was my attempt at intervals. I ran out to Lake Mayer with periodic speed spurts which tended to correspond to crossing intersections, short straight-aways, etc. It felt good to push it and feel the dormant speed within that I'm hesitant to tap into, as it tends to bring with it significant pain & suffering. My hope is that I will get more comfortable pushing it and that my regular pace will creep up in the process. We'll see how it goes. I ran past an older man on this run while I was doing a barefoot hemi-lap around the lake and he said: "awesome! barefoot! I wish I could do that." I tend to not be incredibly articulate in these situations, so I just said: "it feels good" Indeed. He replied: "your heels don't touch the ground?" I had nothing profound to say here either: "nope, it hurts too much. You have to run on your toes." Alas, the limitations of impromptu spoken word. I hope that I can do a better job encouraging others to give it a try in the future. I guess it really does just boil down to "it feels good" and anyone can do it. For me, I just had to get over that mental barricade and give it a shot.

Friday-Short & Fast in the deadly rain.

Saturday-had 30 minutes before the Mrs. needed to make a trip to the grocery store, so I planned a route in my head and ran out the door. Had the trusty watch with me to keep me aware of when I needed to be home. Ended up home in 28:20 and finished 3.6 miles. My shin started acting up. I think the impact on concrete after 2 consecutive runs is just too much for my legs. I don't know if they'll ever be strong enough to deal with it, so I'll have to adjust my training around that presumed fact.

Overall, a good week catching up on miles. Need to work on maintaining form w/ speed. My knees acted up after the sprints.