Saturday, August 7, 2010

8/2-8/7 Stop wishing and start doing: My advice to humandom

13.3 Miles

Monday-calves still tight, breaktime

Tuesday-7+ miles. This was my attempt at intervals. I ran out to Lake Mayer with periodic speed spurts which tended to correspond to crossing intersections, short straight-aways, etc. It felt good to push it and feel the dormant speed within that I'm hesitant to tap into, as it tends to bring with it significant pain & suffering. My hope is that I will get more comfortable pushing it and that my regular pace will creep up in the process. We'll see how it goes. I ran past an older man on this run while I was doing a barefoot hemi-lap around the lake and he said: "awesome! barefoot! I wish I could do that." I tend to not be incredibly articulate in these situations, so I just said: "it feels good" Indeed. He replied: "your heels don't touch the ground?" I had nothing profound to say here either: "nope, it hurts too much. You have to run on your toes." Alas, the limitations of impromptu spoken word. I hope that I can do a better job encouraging others to give it a try in the future. I guess it really does just boil down to "it feels good" and anyone can do it. For me, I just had to get over that mental barricade and give it a shot.

Friday-Short & Fast in the deadly rain.

Saturday-had 30 minutes before the Mrs. needed to make a trip to the grocery store, so I planned a route in my head and ran out the door. Had the trusty watch with me to keep me aware of when I needed to be home. Ended up home in 28:20 and finished 3.6 miles. My shin started acting up. I think the impact on concrete after 2 consecutive runs is just too much for my legs. I don't know if they'll ever be strong enough to deal with it, so I'll have to adjust my training around that presumed fact.

Overall, a good week catching up on miles. Need to work on maintaining form w/ speed. My knees acted up after the sprints.

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