Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/9-8/14 Don't run with habaneros in your pie hole

8.7 Miles

Monday-5.5 miles @ under 9 minute mile pace. Went on this run without much of a plan, just wanted some miles. Got to the lake and took the shoes of for a bit. Found some extra gas in the tank on the way back and had some fast streaks. This was a boost to the morale as I've been pretty tired at the end of recent runs.

Thursday-Shin is skraight buggin' Had a good quick start to this run, developing a fast, sustainable pace. Then the habaneros I had for dinner reminded me not to only eat them on rest days. I'm going to take a mini run vacation to let this shin chiz-nill out so I don't ruin my running for the next few months.

Fearing shin splints and fearing the GPA reaper, I cut it short this week and won't pick up until late next week.

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