Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Balance Minimus/Merrell/Vibram Hearsay & Conjecture

I'm looking forward to the upcoming release of these shoes

As I've mentioned, the FiveFingers Sprints aren't doing it for me. I like them, but I know very well after several hundred miles in them what I don't like about them. Would like to try some Bikilas some day, which are apparently a significant improvement on the other models.

However, my next shoe purchase will most likely be of the non-toe segregationist type. Merrell should be releasing their line around the same time as the New Balance Minimus line (spring 2011) and the choice will probably be between those two and the New Balance MT101


  1. I love the colors of the Bikila! I want shoes in those colors. But, the truth is that we simply can't afford them since we're saving up for my eye surgery :)

  2. Running shoes is very important for me....I love vibram...