Friday, June 14, 2013

T minus 22 weeks, Boats and such

M,W,Sat 15 miles total.

Saturday I went for a long run (9 miles) on hutchinson island, site of a previous post involving  flies and spiders. This time around the bugs were in full force, landing on my head while I was running and biting me whenever I stopped flailing my limbs like a  lunatic. Spiders were less prevelant as the Sasquatching through the woods part was minimal.

I recently bought a handheld chums bottle because it was on sale at The Clymb (email me for an invite so I can get free stuff doodz). Wasn't sure how I would like it, but decided to give it a try. It was great. The extra weight is negligible and on hot days like today, having water makes the run a lot more enjoyable.

Saw two gigantic cargo ships. Again, pictures don't do justice to these. Each of the containers is as large as a semi truck trailer. It's always shocking to see these things gliding up the river because you'll pop out of the trees and there will be a gigantic skyscraper-high ship in front of you that is remarkably quiet.

I settled on an electrolyte supplement (aka dirt from The Great Salt Lake) that includes trace minerals. I figure I'm deficient in something after so much sweating, so I'll go with the shotgun approach. I have a hunch that I have been running deficient in most electrolytes, because I prefer water and sweat like a hog. Some electrolytes, like potassium, are not quickly replenished either, so I reckon it may take some time to get back to normal. Interested to see if this makes a noticeable difference in my energy and/or endurance level. I've been lethargic and sluggish on runs for a long time now (years). Carbs help, but I haven't gotten back to my old spastic energy levels.

I also ran over the Talmadge bridge, one of the few places in Savannah besides stairs where one can experience what is known colloquially as "elevation change" The bridge is named after Eugene Talmadge, a former Georgia governor who supported segregation. The Georgia legislature is debating changing the name because of this. I would prefer it be called "the large cable-suspended bridge visible from various parts of Savannah extending from Georgia to South Carolina, under which pass numerous large cargo ships."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Running Politics

Found this unfinished draft that mostly griped about internet nonsense (I should probably include myself in some of these tendencies.) Touched it up and pushed publish for the world to digest. Enjoy

I read a fair number of running blogs, websites, and articles. I try to stay abreast of what is happening in the running community, mostly as it relates to the barefoot/minimalist movement. There tend to be two camps piping in their opinions: The Veterans & The Inexperienced Zealots. Veterans tend to discount everything that doesn't fall in line with preconcieved opinions and zealots tend to be overly excited about gear and may or may not actually ever run. Arguments between the two camps are 99% anecdotal, which should be expected I suppose, and some research emerging being actively promoted by individuals such as Christopher McDougal and RunBlogger Peter Larson.

Things that thoroughly annoy me about the current barefoot/minimalist community:

  • contrived jargon (sans footwear, zero drop, unshod, shod, barefoot/minimalist, clad, referring to yourself as Barefoot Joe, etc.)
  • the self-proclaimed "OG," the good ol' days, etc.
  • irrational conservatism-unexplainably holding on to the first pair of minimalist shoes you bought and proclaiming every advancement to be a heretical desecration of their infallibility.
  • smugness and elitism in general.
Things I like:

  • Attention to role of biomechanics in running. Running seems to be more of a learned skill than an instinct.
  • Shake up in old running paradigms. No longer are we taking for granted that more protection is necessarily better.
  • The variety of products filling new niches in running preferences. Everything from barefoot style to just simple designs.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

T-minus 23 weeks

As long as it's not raining (which means about 75% of the time) I well get pretty accurate distance summaries for my runs. I'd prefer not to find out if my Google Nexus 4 is waterproof. I'm tracking everything with run keeper now. Using a neoprene armband to affix said phone to my apparently puny arms, judging by the slack remaining. So far, so good. We'll see how it holds up.

Total for last week: two runs. 7.8 miles. Was going to do a long run Saturday but ended up all day working in the yard, which I would like to think has some positive effect on my running goals.

Ran early one of the days, which was much more tolerable. Pix from AM run at WE Honey park dock on Wilmington River: