Saturday, December 8, 2012

Disheartening Namesake Update

Good news! If I were a mere 50 years older, I would qualify for entry in the Boston Marathon! It's official, with my time of 4:43:42, I fall in the qualifying category for participants 80+. At this point I have two options:

  1. Maintain my current level of speed and endurance for the next 50 years, or
  2. Shave a miniscule 1:38:42 off of my marathon time by November when I run the 2013 Savannah Rock n' Roll Marathon.

High 8 Us

> 1 yr catch-up in a nutshell:

  • Shortly after last year's marathon, I ran the Savannah River Bridge Run 15K. It was painful, literally. I felt like my knee was dismantling during the second half of the race.
  • So I took some time off to recover. About 6 months. I had been running pretty regularly for about two years. This time off coincided well with the meat and potatoes of my residency. Even if I wanted to run, I had zero time for it.
  • My excuse to make time for running came in preparation for a 50 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail with our church's scout troop.
  • The hike was an incredible experience. The mountains are where I belong dangit.
  • I get home, no mountains. So I'm bored with running and start some minimal amount of cross-fit in an attempt to keep things interesting.
  • Still bored and I get lazy and stop exercising again.
  • Force myself to exercise again.
  • Go to Idaho, run in thin air, almost die, race nephews and brothers in family 5K for Thanksgiving.
  • Return to Savannah, no mountains.
  • Less bored, still running, still longing for mountains, finding other ways to mix it up. Focusing on building cardio endurance.
  • Somewhere in here I wear out my Vibram FiveFingers and switch to a pair of Saucony Hattoris that I got on sale. I wash my hands of FiveFingers, satisfied with the minimal experience they provided when no one else did. Now there are many other options that aren't hideous.
Some Detail is bound to follow, including rants and updates to my evolving shoe philosophy.