Monday, June 28, 2010

10 mile jaunt follow-up

Just a few notes post-Saturday run:

  • Left shin started aching Saturday night-iced it, going to hold off until Wednesday to not aggravate it further
  • Left knee was sore on the lateral side briefly
  • Hips were sore through today (Monday) I think that's a first
  • Most of the soreness was on the left side, leading me to believe that I'm favoring one side. Something to work on
  • Other than that, I feel great and I'm surprised how well my knees took this run. Feel ready to run more, but I'll hold off rather than risk another month-long hiatus due to splints.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

6/21-6/26 Form, Sasquatching in the Woods

17 miles

Monday-easy pace run 4.5 miles. Felt good this go around. Seems like it takes me about 3 miles to actually get into the right running mechanics. At the start I'm too rigid/contrived and I can't let my body relax and get into a good rhythm. Because of this, the end of my run was significantly faster than the beginning and I felt great right up to the end of the run. This is a phenomenon that I have been aware of for some time, but don't know what to make of it. Maybe if I keep my runs longer, I can become better acquainted with the hard-earned form I attain sporadically.

Tuesday-barefoot 2 miles. Picked up where I left off last night with the form fresh in my mind. Also read some running form advice on Barefoot Ken Bob's Website to see if I could identify what I experienced last night. I realized that reading about running form is pretty useless unless I get out and do some trial and error. If I don't have some experience under my belt, it just sounds like an obsessive-compulsive rant on intricacies of form. But I read something that I experienced, but couldn't quite put into words from the good run I had: "Push the hips forward and down." After running a few miles, my hips tend to slouch forward and down, which seems to maximize the springiness of my legs and bounces me forward with very little effort. I think I'm still in the old paradigm of leaning forward, even though I thought I wasn't. My hips are still relatively behind my feet. So I'll experiment with letting my hips relax forward and down and see how it goes. I've also noticed that it's easy to waste energy when I get tired (ironically). My form gets lax, I get more clumsy and tend to flail, which is a total waste of forward force. I'm on the cusp of finding a sustainable form that is faster than my current style-to be continued...

Wednesday-break. dug into a blister that I shouldn't have. foot hurt. I'm dumb.

Thursday-studying for Pharmacoeconomics

Friday-worked, pooped. Saved energy for early morning run.

Saturday-Long, radical run. Parked on Hutchinson Island (in the middle of the Savannah River) and ran over the Talmadge Bridge and back ~4 miles. Moon was setting and sun was rising. I was looking forward to this not only because of the incredible view, but because I've been running on flat ground for the past 2 years! It wasn't as difficult as I remembered Y mountain in Provo being, the slope was pretty gradual, but it got my heart pumping. After a pit stop at my car, I ran the length of Hutchinson Island and back 6+ miles. The main part of the island is developed with a large hotel and industrial park. After that, there are sandy dirt roads. Greatly enjoyed this run! The trails ended but there was more island, so I pressed on through the brush, a nightmare. First, there were Banana Spiders EVERYWHERE with copious webs. I got a long stick and cleared the way so I didn't get entirely covered with terrifying webs. Another super neat feature of this backwoods jaunt was unnamed thorny vines that shredded my bare legs to a bloody mess. After encountering a hobo campsite, I aborted my ill-fated mission and returned to more developed regions of the island, nursing my wounds briefly before running back. During my labored last 3 miles, horseflies literally chased me, which was motivation enough to pick up the pace and punch/swat at them to prevent vampire action on my cuerpo. I was pooped at the end of the run, my legs were pushed to fatigue. I feel good about how I hydrated and carbed it up on this run. I had good energy and short transient side aches only early in the run. Felt a little nauseated from the Powerbar chews I ate for breakfast.

Great week, had fun and felt healthy. Saturday's escapade was my longest run this year, probably my longest run since my 2005 half marathon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

6/14-6/19 Sweaty Faceplants in the Dark

10 miles

Monday-no run

Tuesday-ran a loop around the block-2+ miles. It's been insanely hot, therefore I run when the sun is down. Usually I'm too lazy too run in the morning, so I run at night in the the darky dark. Plus it's been exceedingly humid, which means wearing glasses is even more of a pain. I hate contacts, therefore I run blind in the dark. I suffered the consequences tonight when I tripped over a root in the ground and skidded across the pavement. Of course, the only time there are other people outside during the run is when this occurs. "Are you alright, buddy?" My poingnant and feeble reply, "...Yeah." The fall supplied me with a fresh squirt of adrenaline and I decided to do another loop instead of evaluate the damage. Fortunately, it wasn't major and having suffered my share of more severe bike and skateboard wrecks at high speeds, this was OK.


Thursday-Long run. Felt like a log for about half of the run. I feel in shape and I can find bursts of energy almost at will, but this wasn't a very fun run, so it was hard to dig for the motivation. It's been pretty dang hot, to boot. Ran at sunset, while there was still light and didn't eat dirt this time.



Felt crappy the last two days and decided to hold off rather than force another less-than-blissful run. Also, I've been on an "extreme hot sauce" kick for the last few weeks, which translates into interesting runs (double meaning). Time to tone that down on certified running days as far as the Blair's Ultra Death Sauce 20th Anniversary Edition is concerned. Kept on goal for my weekly mileage and look forward to getting out this next week and breaking the 200 mile mark for the year.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/7-6/12 Weekly Report

12.3 Miles

Monday-Didn't run. Drove to St. Augustine and roasted in the sun w/ tourists.

Tuesday-Woke up early and ran 6+ miles barefoot on St. Augustine Beach with sunrise. Looks like I'm around 8 min/mile at my moderate pace barefoot. This was an extremely pleasant run. I'll have to do this on Tybee more often, the beach must be utilized.


Thurs-3 miles barefoot. Stubbed toe. It hurt. Continued to hurt into the next day when flexed very far.


Sat-sprints, lunges, fast pace run. This run felt incredible. I felt like I was flying. I'd like to time myself at this pace to see where I stand for the upcoming 5K and I hope I feel this well on race day. Kept my heart rate really high for this race. Don't know where the extra energy came from, possibly a large pasta dinner hours before?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Music and Running


Why do we feel compelled to constantly assault our brains with pop sensations?

  • In the car
  • Walking to the car
  • Walking down the street
  • At home
  • By the pool
  • Running?!
Music is not inherently bad. Constantly listening to music can, in my opinion, be distracting, and inherently bad music is always bad. Did I mention bad? Pluck out the earbuds, rip off that ridiculous pPod from your arm and just run! You can THINK.

"But the beat gets me pumpt up, y'all"

!? Stop the madness! No one should participate in any activity that is synchronized to Linkin Park.

Do what you want. I'm just letting you know, there exists an alternative: NO MUSIC

Saturday, June 5, 2010

5/31-6/5 Weekly Report-Sick

Monday-Short barefoot run.

Tuesday-Worked all day and then felt like poo when I got home, developed a fever.

Wednesday-Sick all day. On my day off from work. Neat.

Thursday-Still less than well in the AM, worked at night, so me no run.

Friday-7 miles in the hot sun. Turns out Lake Mayer has a drinking fountain. With cold water. I ran there and did two laps, stopping for the sauce each lap. I would have been slain by the heat were it not for the water. Chafage-free w/ compression shorts and strategically placed lube stick. Feet were like hamburger, didn't wear socks for some ridiculous reason.

Saturday-pretty sore still from yesterday, ran a short 2+ mile run to stretch my legs and put me on goal with milage. Drained a large blood blister and ran with minimal sole pain.

Not what I had envisioned my break-from-school week to be like, but still managed to salvage some miles despite illness.