Saturday, June 5, 2010

5/31-6/5 Weekly Report-Sick

Monday-Short barefoot run.

Tuesday-Worked all day and then felt like poo when I got home, developed a fever.

Wednesday-Sick all day. On my day off from work. Neat.

Thursday-Still less than well in the AM, worked at night, so me no run.

Friday-7 miles in the hot sun. Turns out Lake Mayer has a drinking fountain. With cold water. I ran there and did two laps, stopping for the sauce each lap. I would have been slain by the heat were it not for the water. Chafage-free w/ compression shorts and strategically placed lube stick. Feet were like hamburger, didn't wear socks for some ridiculous reason.

Saturday-pretty sore still from yesterday, ran a short 2+ mile run to stretch my legs and put me on goal with milage. Drained a large blood blister and ran with minimal sole pain.

Not what I had envisioned my break-from-school week to be like, but still managed to salvage some miles despite illness.

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