Monday, June 21, 2010

6/14-6/19 Sweaty Faceplants in the Dark

10 miles

Monday-no run

Tuesday-ran a loop around the block-2+ miles. It's been insanely hot, therefore I run when the sun is down. Usually I'm too lazy too run in the morning, so I run at night in the the darky dark. Plus it's been exceedingly humid, which means wearing glasses is even more of a pain. I hate contacts, therefore I run blind in the dark. I suffered the consequences tonight when I tripped over a root in the ground and skidded across the pavement. Of course, the only time there are other people outside during the run is when this occurs. "Are you alright, buddy?" My poingnant and feeble reply, "...Yeah." The fall supplied me with a fresh squirt of adrenaline and I decided to do another loop instead of evaluate the damage. Fortunately, it wasn't major and having suffered my share of more severe bike and skateboard wrecks at high speeds, this was OK.


Thursday-Long run. Felt like a log for about half of the run. I feel in shape and I can find bursts of energy almost at will, but this wasn't a very fun run, so it was hard to dig for the motivation. It's been pretty dang hot, to boot. Ran at sunset, while there was still light and didn't eat dirt this time.



Felt crappy the last two days and decided to hold off rather than force another less-than-blissful run. Also, I've been on an "extreme hot sauce" kick for the last few weeks, which translates into interesting runs (double meaning). Time to tone that down on certified running days as far as the Blair's Ultra Death Sauce 20th Anniversary Edition is concerned. Kept on goal for my weekly mileage and look forward to getting out this next week and breaking the 200 mile mark for the year.

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