Why does this blog exist?


Why did you make this blog? I don't like it and you're ugly.

  • This blog is a way for me to track my progress toward different running goals, including running in the Boston Marathon. In addition, I post reviews of different products I use in my training and opinions on running/entirely unrelated topics.

What's your philosophy on running?

  • I've become less focused on running and more interested in just spending time outdoors being active. I cross-train by hiking and mountain biking, which has significantly improved my running.
  • The minimalist movement is what rekindled my interest in running. I had arrived at a point where running was painful and no longer enjoyable, so I gave it mostly up for close to two years. Then along came Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I started barefoot and minimal running, focusing solely (did you catch that?) on having fun.
  • Like a lot of minimalist runners, I was overzealous and ended up with injuries. I retained the joy of running however and took a step back toward more conventional running.
  • I prefer low heel-to-toe drop or zero drop shoes with lots of room up front, no arch support, and moderate cushioning.
  • I find Hoka One One shoes to be the most unsavory trend in running, currently. While they meet most of the criteria in the previous point, the fact that they are hideous can not be ignored and I refuse to pretend like everything is fine while the running world embraces this atrocity.
I'm a spammer and I like to post comments in Portuguese on as many blogs as possible in a vain attempt to lure ignorant people into buying adulterated and/or counterfeit Viagra. Is this blog for me?

  • No