Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/7-6/12 Weekly Report

12.3 Miles

Monday-Didn't run. Drove to St. Augustine and roasted in the sun w/ tourists.

Tuesday-Woke up early and ran 6+ miles barefoot on St. Augustine Beach with sunrise. Looks like I'm around 8 min/mile at my moderate pace barefoot. This was an extremely pleasant run. I'll have to do this on Tybee more often, the beach must be utilized.


Thurs-3 miles barefoot. Stubbed toe. It hurt. Continued to hurt into the next day when flexed very far.


Sat-sprints, lunges, fast pace run. This run felt incredible. I felt like I was flying. I'd like to time myself at this pace to see where I stand for the upcoming 5K and I hope I feel this well on race day. Kept my heart rate really high for this race. Don't know where the extra energy came from, possibly a large pasta dinner hours before?

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