Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/26-7/31 Recovery & Reality

Monday-Thursday: Had some serious blisters (one on each foot) from the long run Saturday. I was limping through Wednesday. Both blisters were about the same size, one I took care of well, the other, not well. I ended up doing a lot of studying this week, though.

Friday: Got a running watch at Wally World and timed my 5k at Lake Mayer. 22:23. This was unpleasant from the start. It was hot, and I had a lot of food in my stomach, so I don't think this reflects where I could be under more ideal circumstances. So, there's work to do on my speed.

Saturday: No rest day, but wanted some more miles so I took a long easy run and tried to throw in some cross training type foolishness in to boot. I did some sprints, which nearly killed me. I think these will be the key to speeding up my 5k time.

Gradually working up to higher mileage with another 50+ month. That looks to be the most reasonable range for my school schedule. When I go out on rotations it may free up some more time to push into the 60 or more range.

Lessons this month:

  1. Don't run a long run with shoes you haven't worn for year(s).
  2. Speed takes work.
  3. Rest is really, really important.


  1. Those 101s look pretty schweet. subtle but significant improvements on the 100s.

  2. These are looking especially sha-weet, an even more stripped-down shoe, due out in the spring: