Saturday, July 24, 2010

7/19-7/24 Return to the Crab Nebula

22.3 Miles

Monday-experimenting with carbs, ran 2.4 mile loops around the neighborhood making pit stops on the front porch to drink and chow. Felt like I put a little too much in the tank. Could only get to a certain pace (a little over 8 min) before I felt the side ache coming on.

Thursday-to Lake Meyer, around once barefoot, and home. Reminded again that barefoot is barefoot, and anything else is not the same. I plan to run barefoot at least once a week to keep the form programmed.

Saturday-Old Tybee railroad trail. Ran the whole length of it and back, racking up 12 miles and my longest run this year. I decided to do this run in...GASP...RUNNING SHOES! After doing 6 miles on this trail in FiveFingers , it became apparent that I needed more protection for my feet if I was going to do the whole thing. So I busted out the old NB trail shoes, which have a big clunky heel. It took a concerted effort not to plod along heavily in the shoes. I stayed off my heels the whole run and as of this writing feel about the same as I do after long runs in VFFs. I did get unique blisters, I think because these are wide shoes and my feet were dancing around inside the toe box for the entire run. I also have some big toe toenail pain, another first. When I wear out these shoes, I'll most certainly be downgrading the excessive features, but still find something that will keep me from feeling like rocks are going to impale my foot. Something like the NB 101s, due out this fall. I knew it was going to be hot today, so I got on Weather Underground to find out what time the ol' sun was coming up. Turns out they have "nautical twilight" listed on there too. So, because I like boats and vampires, I shot for the 5:30 am time to start. Turns out it's still really dark at nautical twilight and trails become terrifying nightmares filled with non-existant man-eating beasts at that hour. The first half hour was essentially in the dark and every web I ran through and flop in the trees made me nearly wet myself. Luckily, the sun does actually come up daily and the ghouls and alligators magically disappeared and my masculinity returned. I'm finding more success in getting carbs in my system without feeling sick. I had fig newtons, a gel, and some energy chews. I took the camelbak along for the last half of the run and stayed juiced. I felt remarkably good and energized for about 10 miles, but still had enough gas to push through the last 2 miles, which weren't too enjoyable. I was reminded of the social nature of running-about 10 miles in I started seeing other runners (who apparently weren't interested in sea-faring vamps like me). Everytime I saw someone I got a little shot of adrenaline. Up to that point my only companions were the specters in the trees and the droves of crabs that I tried in vain not to squash.

Great week. Resting at least a day between runs worked out perfectly. I think I found the formula to start racking up more miles (if I can find the time). I'm convinced that not all shoes are evil, they can be a tool, but shouldn't be a crutch. Biggest week of the year, probably my biggest week ever.

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