Saturday, May 8, 2010

5/3-5/8 Weekly Report-The (2) Gallon Challenge and Crab Invasion

13.8 miles

Monday-break (studying for Endocrinology exam)

Tuesday-Rain run! After I got out of class I took advantage of the downpour and had a glorious 3.2 mile rain run. Lots of big puddles, steady rain, perfect. Ran along a canal through tall weeds that got caught in between the toes of my FiveFingers, causing a very unpleasant sensation.

Wednesday-Barefoot around business park. My feet were pretty soft and I got some sweet blisters. I realized that I need to incorporate more actual barefoot running into my schedule. As close as Vibrams are to barefoot, the experience still differs markedly. The form comes more naturally barefoot and I am forced to be lighter on my feet to prevent pain. Hopefully, by barefooting more often, I can permanently train myself into a good gait, even with shoes on.

Thursday-(2) Gallon Challenge. Last week Deanna bought 25 boxes of cereal because they were on sale. Unfortunately, we only had a gallon and a half of milk to match them. That milk supply dried up in a matter of days and starvation followed soon after. My grocery run tonight necessitated the purchase of milk. 2 Gallons minimum. In case you were wondering, running a mile with 2 gallons of milk is significantly harder than running a mile without 2 gallons of milk. I was really hoping not to encounter any law enforcement on this late night hard-to-explain run. My hope was in vain. Fortunately as I ran past a parked police car with gallons in hand, I was not stopped, although I could feel the quizzical stare rays burning into my sweat-drenched back. Overall a great cardio workout that I can see duplicating in the future especially with the pile of cereal in the kitchen showing no signs of shrinkage. I plan to do more high-intensity cardio now that my heart has caught up with my legs.

Friday-break (working for the man)

Saturday-6 mile trail run on old tybee railroad trail aka mcqueen's island historic trail. Got up early and arrived just as the sun was coming up. Trail was loose gravel, some spots pretty coarse, making me tread very lightly at times. It was a good way to keep me from plodding along too haphazardly. Saw some wild beasts, including swarms of crabs and terrifying horseflies. I ran on an empty stomach and felt like I was made of lead, but for the first time I could tell a marked difference when I consumed a gel. Ran with my Camelbak, which was too loose and bounced all over. Payed more attention to my heartbeat and breathing, tried to keep both up and got a good pace on the last 3 miles.

A few lessons learned this week: more barefoot training and high intensity cardio, if running w/ Camelbak, make sure it's TIGHT. My legs let me know that it's time for a mini break, so I'll be off until Tuesday.

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