Sunday, May 2, 2010

4/26-5/1 Weekly Report: Krystal bad, barefoot beach run good

14.4 miles

Monday was Dan's birthday, so I shelved the running for the evening and "treated" the birthday boy to a heavenly evening at Krystal, the Southern equivalent of White Castle. While this was a clear violation of my running philosophy, it simply had to be done. The minuscule Krystal burgers instantly precipitated GI pain and the quivering "meat," which I discovered is not actually poured onto the grill in liquid form, haunts my quiet moments still.

Tuesday I ran a short 2.4-mile route at my fast pace. Don't really know what that pace is and I plan to take a trip to a measured track one of these days with a stopwatch to see where I stand. I estimate on the low end of 7 minute miles, hopefully I'm not too far off.

Wednesday was a stunning full moon run that included sprints, lunges, and other embarrassing maneuvers at the nearby soccer complex. I can't remember doing sprints in recent memory. The sensation, I was reminded, is entirely different than distance running. It was exhilarating to feel like my feet were going to outrun my body, possibly resulting in a less-than-graceful fall/trip/face plant/severe injury.

Thursday I did a grocery run and some core exercises. Let me explain the grocery run. "Could you run and get some _____ at the store?" The answer is yes as long as it's not 3 gallons of milk. We live close enough to several grocery stores where I can multi-task and "run" errands while logging miles. This was the case Thursday. Food Lion is closest, but didn't have the needed item, thus a expected 1.5 mile run became a 5k with an unexpected trip to Kroger.

Friday the sprints and lunges caught up with me at the clockwork 36-hour-post-leg-workout-peak-of-pain-and-suffering. Decided to take a break and get ready for:

Saturday, when I did a long (5 mile) barefoot run at the beach. This was one of the most enjoyable barefoot experiences I have had to date

Slowly chipping away at my mileage deficit that I accrued during the shin splint holiday. Had some knee pain early in the week, felt inflamed but not the kneecap-pulling-to-the-side type of pain luckily. Overall a good week, feeling ready to do a long trail run next week.

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