Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My running philosophy, currently.

Let's get something out on the table from the start: I am an exceedingly average runner. This blog will consistently bore those looking for X-games-type thrills and pomposity. My philosophy on running is based on my desire to enjoy running as much as possible and only secondarily on surpassing old milestones. Even the namesake goal of this blog is not going to interfere with the main purpose of my running: PHUN. After all, what good is a hobby/pastime if you can't enjoy it? It may not be complete ecstasy 100% of the time, but if you don't come out with a net amount of joy, then the time has come to look elsewhere for diversion.

Second, running may be the focus of this blog, and while it affects how I approach many situations, it is not the main focus of my life, thus my high amateur status as a runner. Therefore, the posts will be replete with daily life sprinkles on my running stories.

Now for a few of my beliefs:

  • running should be fun
  • don't overdress for the occasion, i.e. run with as little footwear as possible
  • don't run on Sunday
  • running is primarily cooperative, secondarily competitive
  • look ridiculous when you run
  • eat food that doesn't make you feel like garbage
  • never pass up opportunities to run in the rain
  • don't overdo it, and don't underdo it either
  • treadmills are immoral
  • don't bounce-glide
  • lots of little steps are better than a few big 'ol steps
  • mix up your runs

Understand that this is an evolving list. Look at upcoming posts tagged under "Background" to see how this process has changed over time for me.

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  1. First of all is pomposity a word? Secondly, you always look ridiculous when you run, goal accomplished. Third, stop eating all my ice cream and you won't feel like garbage when you run. Fourth, I'm proud of you for making these goals and will help support you.