Monday, April 19, 2010

4/12-4/17 week report

11.1 miles

Ran 3 nights this week, once w/ Dan and twice as a lone wolv. All asphalt. I don't mind asphalt since the switch away from cushy shoes. In fact, I feel more springy on hard surfaces. Did some lunges and "crazy walkin" on 3rd run. Some soreness and knee pain from that. Would have run 1 or 2 additional days, but started feeling some tightness in my right shin, therefore I backed off to prevent diabolical shin splints.

Occasionally, I get this wacky ligament and/or tendon "clicking" in the arch of my foot. It is usually not bothersome, but this week it was distracting enough to slow me down and make me look to see if my foot was going to dismantle or not. It comes and goes.

On one of my solo runs down a dark residential street, I felt something on my neck. I reached up and cupped my hand around something about the size of a walnut and spiky. Naturally, I freaked out and swatted it away, unsure of what evil beast had landed and possibly sucked on my tender, delicious neck. At that point, I squirted a little adrenalin (nothing else, I swear) and enjoyed a mini second wind.

During recent runs, including this week, I'll run on top of a narrow curb tight-rope style as long as I can. My balance has improved because of this and I hope to develop more foot strength as well. The mall close by has a curb about a quarter-mile long that I ran down faster than I have at any time previously without falling off.

End transmission.

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