Monday, April 12, 2010

What it is, what it is

I have a goal to run in The Boston Marathon. For some this may be a readily achievable goal, for others it may not be possible. I consider myself somewhere in between those two extremes. I was not a runner until the age of 20, at which point I ran and enjoyed it (my definition of "a runner"). For the past 8 years, I have run with varying degrees of success and failure/injury. The goal of simply A marathon has continually been on my to-do list for most of that time; but now, I'm setting my sights higher and beginning more diligent progress-tracking towards each subgoal. It may be that I am actually among those who can not physically run in the race. Right now, I feel confident that I can and intend to do everything in my power to do so. At any rate, it should make for an interesting story, as strange/funny things tend to happen on my runs. I will enjoy this jibber-jabber; if you like it too, then that's just icing on the sweaty cake.

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