Monday, April 26, 2010

4/19-4/24 Weekly Report

11.8 miles

Had a little rain on Tuesday that made for an enjoyable run.

Started having tightness again in the right shin and held back what could have been 5-6 additional miles for the week. I still feel like I need to strengthen my legs more before I push it to longer distances on a regular basis (not to mention have blessed time and not be overburdened with ridiculous tests/school/work). I plan to incorporate a long run weekly once my legs give me the thumbs up.

No near-muggings this week, but did terrorize more philty phelines.

Got a minor side ache on one run. These have largely disappeared since I quit bouncing around so much. Not sure what precipitated this one.

Vibrams started giving me some blisterage toward the end of the week, which caused me to go bare on my last two runs. I only have one pair of Injinji socks ($). Blisters aren't a problem when I wear them, but I can't wear them every day unless I do laundry every day and that's just absurd.

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