Monday, July 19, 2010

7/12-7/17 Rainy week, Reconnoitering

7 miles

Monday-Rain run-short, fast.

Tuesday-Light Rain Run-long, slow

My left shin started to tighten up during the longer run Tuesday. I was disheartened by this. Still seems like I have a glass ceiling as far as miles go. This happened after 18 miles in 6 days. I think I just need more time to recover. When I do back to back days is when problems tend to arise. For now, I will space out my runs and hopefully not sacrifice too many miles in the process.

I have a theory that this shin issue has something to do with hacking myself with a hatchet in the exact spot of the pain back in 2004 while camping. It was a deep cut, assuredly the scar tissue in the area has some effect on running?

So, I've had 5 days off to develop a new approach to this problem and that's all I've got. Oh and ice.

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