Saturday, July 10, 2010

7/5-7/10 Virginia woods and summer rain run

15 miles

Monday-late morning run (hot) in the woods around Danville, VA. Not too humid, but still hot. This place had hills all over, too, which filled me with delight. Ran by a creek and saw a burned out fire pit on a sandbar, checked it out and noticed an axe stuck in a tree on the way out. Got a "Deliverance" vibe and booked it post-haste.

Tuesday-Study for Oncology

Wednesday-Study more for Oncology

Thursday-Ran what has become my home course run around to lake meyer around and back. Felt good at the start and put it in a higher gear that will most likely be my 5K speed. Really booked it for about 2.5 miles until I got a drink. Then ran some more at a significantly slower pace. It was dang hot tonight.


Saturday-Had plans to get up early and do the 12 miler I've had in the back of my brain. After work Friday I looked at the clock and knew I wouldn't get much sleep, so I figured I'd run on the beach instead. We got to the beach and it was just plain hot, so I put it off again. One nice thing about these sweltering southern summers is that after it gets hot enough, it almost always rains, as was the case today. I'm glad I waited-when we got home it started to rain hard, so I threw on some shorts and my VFFs and shot out the door. I had a large calzone and some pizza burrowing away in my guts, which led to a minor side ache followed by a boon of energy. It rained hard and it was cool, it was a joyous run and the 5+ miles were a breeze.

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