Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-race pontifications

I figured I'd put down some brain chunks before I am biased by the results of the race on Saturday. Here is my philosophy going in:

-My shin splints were coming back, so I switched to mostly off road, then I cut back on miles and switched footwear. As much as I hate wearing more shoe, I felt like I needed to join the dark side to prevent further injury. This sentiment was articulated well in a recent post on RunBlogger. However, this race will be in FiveFingers.

-Start the race slow, work up and listen to mi cuerpo. As I work up, I won't let off the gas.

-Have some diabetes food and sips of water leading up to the race, a light breakfast.

-Take it supremely easy the week of the race. This is hard. There is a good place to run nearby.

That's it. We'll see how the competition effects me. I feel ready and it should be a fun run with family.

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