Monday, June 6, 2011

Among the Dead

Back to blogging after a school-induced hiatus. A few developments since previous posts:

-I finished the Tybee Island Half Marathon in FiveFingers in under 2 hours, successfully removing a large simian from my dorsal region after a DNF 1 year prior. (race report to follow)

-Traveled to distant lands, ran on Indian burial grounds(explanation to follow), and stopped running regularly with ridiculous schoolin'

-We moved across town, leaving behind my beloved running grounds.

-Have discovered greener running pastures fertilized with former inhabitants of ye ole low country-Bonaventure Cemetery, one of my new favorite places to run.

-Planned out next year of races-see right side of b-log.

-Stopped tracking miles religiously, now only tracking miles in a secular fashion.

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