Saturday, May 25, 2013

The quick and the dead

I look forward to Saturdays because the cemeteries are open and I'm not at work. There is an abundance of dirt roads and trails through the woods and almost no other (living) people to boot. Today I took along my stupid smart phone to gussy up this blog a bit with pix. I also tried out the RunKeeper app for the first time and plan to use it regularly now.

I am about 1 mile from Bonaventure Cemetery, which is connected to a newer cemetery, Forest Lawn. Catholic Cemetery is also relatively close and has a section which is comparable in age to Bonaventure. Age in this case equates to amazing aesthetics and a diversity of headstones, crypts, monuments, etc. I regularly find random interesting things in the many nooks and crannies. For example, stones from a 17th century Scottish Church:

There are quite a lot of Jewish burials in Bonaventure:

More excellence. Notice The Confederate States of America iron cross:

Even the kids like going! It's like a giant awesome park that no one goes to.

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  1. Your hand looks very sexy in that last pic ;)