Monday, January 20, 2014


The past few weeks I had some type of disease. I think it was the flu. It decimated me for a good 48 hours. Recovery and feeling well enough to run took longer. And thus, training runs fell apart. I've run when physically able. With 12 days left for the Tybee Half, I needed to fit in my final long run before the race. I got off of work and started running, planning 13.1 miles at race pace. I felt pretty peppy to begin, but was unable to hold the pace like I could a few weeks ago. My 7:30 miles started pushing up to 7:45 range. This is not as bad as I feared after such poor past few weeks. The end of the run I was able to speed things up and come up with close to an even split. I'm not upset with the time, which is the fastest I have ever run, 1:41:13. My goal for the race is under 1:40, which I think is doable with some adjustments. I seem to run better in the AM, not after work and fortunately the race is early. Pit stops were a little weird since I had to stop at home, I can mitigate the time loss better with a real race. My stomach did well. I ate two gels, the first right before I started and the second about 35 minutes in. I did drink a tad too much water and had some transient sideaches. It is a trick figuring out how much to hydrate when it's not hot as blazes. During the summer, I drink pretty much as much as I want with no problems. Now to fit in some intervals and easier runs, then race time.

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