Friday, January 2, 2015

5K Training

In 2005 I ran my first distance race of any kind, The Rex Lee Run 5K in Provo, UT. I ran a 20:48, which remains my fastest 5K to date, despite multiple attempts to take it down. Until recent years, my training strategy was pretty simple: as often and as hard as I could. As I've made attempts at longer distances, some forethought has been necessary to avoid common problems like shin splints, barfing, crapping, chafing, and dying.

Early this February I will take my first serious crack at PRing my 5K time. My training focus is on speed workouts instead of mileage, and holding goal pace for each of the workouts. I'm currently at week 4 of the schedule that goes thusly:

Week 1: 400m x 4, easy 5
Week 2: 1K tempo, easy 6
Week 3: 400m x 6, easy 7
Week 4: 2K tempo, easy 7
Week 5: 400m x 7, 2.5K tempo, fartlek, easy 7
Week 6: 400m x 8, 3K tempo, fartlek, easy 7
Week 7: 400m x 9, 3.5K tempo, fartlek, easy 6
Week 8: 400m x 10, 4K tempo, easy 5
Week 9: fartlek, fartlek, Race

I chose 400m intervals because that is the distance I can consistently maintain a 5min/mile pace. I define tempo as my goal race pace of 6min/mile. My fartleks are just mixing up the pace regularly on a 2-4 mile run. Easy miles are basically just exploring trails at a comfortable pace, usually 7:30-8min/mile with some short breaks, walking/hiking.

In addition to the running, I've been more diligent about warmups and building leg strength at the gym and with stationary exercises.

I had originally planned on 1 speed workout (intervals or tempo) per week and 2-3 other days of low-intensity miles. This week with my 2K tempo, I could tell I needed to build some speed and cardio fitness, so I'm increasing to 2 high-intensity workouts per week.

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