Saturday, October 16, 2010

10/4-10/16 Insert witty title here

19.6 miles

Ran Lake Mayer last week (my only run) and finished my first rotation for school, which included a lot of study at home.

This week I started my second rotation 2 hours away in Baxley, Georgia. My host has a sizeable chunk of land w/ lake and many runs in my near future. Got in a run there and 2 runs back here in Savannah. The shin splints are subsiding with some knee pain coming back. I think this is a form issue, it feels like I'm hyperextending my right knee. Ran 7 miles today and didn't have problems with it.

The 5K is quickly approaching and I'm feeling good, conditioned, and able to push hard when I want. Going to continue working on speed and do hill work when we get to California.

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