Saturday, October 2, 2010

9/27-10/2 A few more miles, fun new trail

10.6 miles

Monday-leg felt about the same, not 100% but I can get in 3+ miles on grass ok. Went out in the rain tonight and loved it until I got a monster sideache that slowed me to a crawl. I don't understand the physiology behind these things. All I can figure is it was the excessive BBQ for dinner or a lack of water. I drank a bunch of water during the run and it improved.

Thursday-2.8 miles. looks like I'm going to spend a significant amount of time on the soccer fields. Worked on speed, getting some longer distance with the fast pace spurts.

Saturday-4.3 miles. Wanted to mix it up a little today and since I ran in the morning, I went off the beaten path and found a great off-road trail around a "secret" lake here in town. It was sandy/muddy/grassy and my lower legs got an excellent workout. The weather finally cooled off some and made for a very fun run. This was also my first on-goal week for 2 months! No people anywhere, lots of holes and obstacles. This will be a daylight-only trail.

The shin splints are under control for now and I've successfully switched to a mostly off-pavement routine. Still need to build speed for next month's race.

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