Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8/30-9/4 Back to the beating Of Wolf and Man

6.7 Miles

Monday-Went to Isle of Hope w/ the fam to try out our new double jogging stroller. We really like Bob Strollers, but I didn't want to cash out my left kidney to get one, so the Mrs. did some research and settled on the Baby Trend Skylar. No big complaints, the front wheel is a little wobbly while locked in place, which I can probably fix. I've never run with a stroller and enjoyed it quite a bit, as did the chilluns. It was a different sensation, like I was trying to keep up with the stroller the whole time and I ended up pushing myself more than I would have without it.


Wednesday-4 miles at Forsyth Park. If I don't make a specific effort to run while its cool, I always end up running at 1:00 PM, the hottest time of the day. That is what happened today. You know little man syndrome? For years, I've been fascinated with the repeated confirmation of its reality. I passed a fairly short gentleman on this run, when several hundred yards later he blows by me in a mad dash, only to stop shortly ahead.

Thurs-Sat: got caught up in the to-dos and football preceding my rotations.

Learned that taking 2 weeks off was enough to completely lose my calf strength. My calves were trashed after these 2 runs. My cardio ability didn't suffer as much.

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